Dr Melvin Elson

Founder and president of the Longevity Institute, LLC in Nashville, TN. Dr Elson is a world famous dermatologist from Duke University and a Clinical Instructor in medicine at Vanderbilt Universityehttp://provider.kareo.com/dr-melvin-elson

I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with LA PEAU. It is The Best Skincare Product in the World. I have developed 3 skincare lines and been involved in introducing 3 others and nothing I have seen compares to the smooth and lovely skin that can be obtained with LA PEAU. Thank you very much.

Dr Ezat Hashim

Plastic Surgeon, McGill University

From the Swiss cosmetology elite comes LA PEAU products, using the BeCell molecular complex high-performance formula: small cosmetic bombs that concentrate the best anti-aging ingredients into three small containers. An amazing mixture of antioxidants, trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids that energetically combats wrinkles by deeply hydrating the epidermis. This trio of gel-creams react together to reduce age markers and give skin a smoother appearance and a youthful glow. A truly revolutionary discovery, so spread the word.

Dr Louis May

Dermatologist, University of Texas in Austin

“I have been doing research to see the results with and without LA PEAU creams on the use of fractional CO2 laser & other treatments – LA PEAU showed a faster recovery & better collagen elastin formation after one week of usage, accompanied by still a better elasticity and hydration of the skin after 3 months. I’m very happy to be using it at my practice; I will certainly continue to use it”.

Dr Elias Michael

Board certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. He completed his dermatology residency at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City

I am a dermatologist and after many years of attempting to find the “perfect” skin care line for my very particular patients to use, I came upon LA PEAU. I always use my products myself before dispensing them to my patients. Well I was stunned! Immediately the LA PEAU line, which is completely non-greasy and ultra-smooth, gave my skin a radiance and exhilaration I never felt previously from ANY of the hundreds of creams and lotions and gels I’d tried previously. My office staff was next to use the line and the reaction was always the same, in fact, my esthetician threw out our current excellent line and demanded an order immediately as she would no longer want to use anything else on herself or our patients. I and my patients are indebted to you LA PEAU for finally ending my ceaseless quest for that “perfect” skin care line.

Dr Gabor Varadi

Plastic Surgeon, Clinique La Colline, Geneva, Switzerland
LA PEAU is a truly exceptional skincare that will significantly improve the quality of your skin; you will be happily impressed by the tangible results of the 3 products (Night, Day and Eyes). I highly recommend this range.

Dr Dany Touma

Dermatologist; Adjunct Associate Professor of Dermatology, Boston University School of Medicine, Owner The Skin Clinic. Advanced Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology and Skin Surgery

I love it. I would like to dispense LA PEAU in my clinics preferably exclusively. LA PEAU is the most performing anti-aging product with a unique texture that blends perfectly well with all sorts of cosmetic procedures.

Dr Shino Bay Aguilera

World Renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dermatologic Surgeon, Cosmetic Laser Expert

“I was always looking for the best eye cream that could address many of the concerns that this delicate skin have to endure with the passing of time. I was never satisfied until I tried LA PEAU skin care eye cream. Just after using it for a couple of weeks I saw a dramatic improvement on the texture of my skin. The skin looked a lot more tight and my fine lines were no longer visible with the naked eye. The BeCell Complex in this formulation contains amazing ingredients that penetrate the skin and effectively reverse sign of aging. If their eye cream could do that. I can’t wait to see what the day and night time creams can do for me.”

Dr Alfred Balbul

Dermatologist, McGill University, Montréal

LA PEAU skincare product range nourishes the skin instantly and deeply – the agreeable feeling is immediate & the antioxidant results long term. I highly recommend the use of the product.

Dr Grace Bianchi, MD

Lecturer Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva; Private Practice, Geneva

As a busy professional woman I do not dedicate much interest or time to cosmetic products, but I must say that LA PEAU is a product with a difference. Since I tried it I have become convinced that it does perform (unlike many other products) what it promises. I have always ended throwing away unused old creams that I had forgotten to apply to my skin but since I tried your cream I do feel the difference if I don’t use it. My skin feels better and also do I. I carry it in my luggage when I travel and never forget to apply it. Signs of stress are less evident and the skin looks and feels healthier. I do believe that LA PEAU has a great Be…future.

Dr Yasmin Harrison

General Medicine, McGill University, Montreal

From the first few days of treatment, you can notice the effect of the BeCell Complex on the skin. Its formulation enriched with the finest vitamins, rich in trace elements, protects the skin against oxidation, which is an important aging factor. Highly efficient product range.

Gloria Estefan

Singer & Grammy winner

Hi there Carla and Irma! I’m on tour in Europe at the moment and won’t be back in Miami until the 29th of September. Still using your wonderful products – I love them. So thanks again! Much love, Gloria.

Liza Anderson

Eva Longoria’s Publicist, Los Angeles

Thank you for the amazing products. Eva and I – love LA PEAU.

Sgt Kimberly Tindol

US Air Force

I am in the US Air Force and currently serving in Baghdad Iraq and as you know things here are stressful. I have been noticing that my wrinkles or laugh lines under my eyes have disappeared after using LA PEAU. The lack of sleep, being in the hot weather all the time and the stress here took a toll on my eyes. Luckily I found your wonderful product – thank you, it makes my day.

Arsinée Atom Egoyan

Actress, Toronto

This is a dream come true; after all these years of research on the skin, we finally have a real product that works. All 3 of them – the Night, Day and the Eye Contour – are magnificent. They have a very inviting texture – light and smooth – they are free of overwhelming perfumes, and keep the skin at the end of the day almost as fresh looking and soft as first applied. I have rarely benefited this fast and this well from any other skincare products. Every night and every morning I look forward with a sense of excitement to cleansing my face and applying the gels. I have noticed daily changes to and improvement of my skin – firmness around the eyes and no oily secretions by the end of the day. I would recommend this product with great confidence to my friends as my daily ritual has turned into a most pleasant and necessary experience.

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