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Story of LA PEAU

LA PEAU a beautiful story for lively people who appreciate health & beauty We needed a revolutionary skincare line embodying our healthy lifestyle We wanted to give it a Swiss quality image We made it happen with world renowned scientists from Stanford & Geneva We obtained better test results than the leading brands We were encouraged by prominent dermatologists We received rave reviews from everyone We believed in it, we loved it And we bought the company… (Carla & Irma, proud owners – BeFutur Biotechnologies Suisse SA)

About Us

Magenta1“Citizens of the world”, Irma and Carla Maria Khanjian were born in Lebanon, of Armenian origin, currently Swiss Canadian. Carla lives in Montreal and Irma in Geneva. Both were employees for 6 years at BeFutur Biotechnologies Suisse SA, a Geneva based Swiss biotech company specialized in Cells & Tissues Engineering; after obtaining fabulous antioxidant test results they decided to organize a management buy-out from the 14 shareholders (all based in Europe) – and after months of negotiation, these two sisters are now the proud owners of BeFutur Biotechnologies Suisse – manufacturer of one of the best anti-aging skincare lines named LA PEAU. The headquarters of BeFutur are in Geneva, Switzerland and the North American branch office in Montréal, Canada.

Our Story

“We loved it so much, we just had to buy the company,” claim the 2 Khanjian sisters, owners of BeFutur Biotechnologies Suisse, the biotech company that developed the LA PEAU skin care line. And what’s not to love? Dip your fingers into the glass jar and you’ll immediately notice the light and non-greasy texture. One part cream and two parts gel, it instantly penetrates, leaving skin hydrated and feeling fresh. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, the key ingredient is BeCell, a non-irritating anti-aging complex that boosts the repair and regeneration of skin cells.
The research team, which includes world renowned scientists from Stanford & Geneva, notes that cellular regeneration was the idea behind the creation of this highly sophisticated skincare range LA PEAU. They noticed a healthy regeneration of skin cells within their new molecular complex – the BeCell. No animal substances were used in the new formulation. “You can imagine the delight and satisfaction that we felt when the kantbothtest results measuring the antioxidant properties of LA PEAU were not only excellent – but they were far better than results obtained by the 18 other leading anti-aging brands. We knew we had found something very special, something that would be of benefit to women and men throughout the world – a true anti-aging product for skin. Our years of determination led to a true success, and we were amazed!” added Irma
The proprietary delivery system used in LA PEAU allows better absorption of the antioxidants and vitamins by the skin; it stimulates cellular metabolism to nourish and regenerate the skin. The BeCell is composed of antioxidants, amino acids, oligo elements, and vitamins with proven anti-aging properties. This blend of the finest antioxidants and vitamins helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while regulating the skin’s moisture level and providing long-lasting hydration.
“Our goal was to formulate a revolutionary skincare line which embodied a healthy lifestyle. We wanted our products to provide superior treatment qualities vs. purely cosmetic benefits. It took four long years of biotech research and determination before we reached a major milestone by discovering the regenerating effect of our new non-animal molecular complex on the skin – but it was worth it! Our R & D efforts were based in Switzerland where we were able to form a team of top scientists and biochemists to carry out intense biotech research in cells & tissues engineering. Eventually, they produced our unique proprietary formula – which, of course, had to undergo rigorous clinical trials on real people,” explained Carla-Maria. “We feel there is a big future for innovative niche brands with new active ingredients such as LA PEAU. Modern biotechnology has allowed the development of new antioxidant formulations, which make many of the other skincare products passé. Our products address wellness and youth preservation, and will be the ones which succeed for years to come. LA PEAU is a science-backed product, which is also associated to glamour”, said Irma.
Added Carla-Maria, “Today’s consumers – women & men – want to remain healthy and prevent the natural aging process internally and externally. They want an exclusive niche product that is highly antioxidant, offers healing virtues, a product that can be easily absorbed without being super greasy and one that makes their skin firmer. It must be perfectly hydrating underneath make-up without the messy greasiness – and showing an unequalled glowing face next morning”.
“Irma and I have lived in five different countries, and everywhere we have traveled we saw that consumers were looking for a product reflecting “hope in the jar” – a product that makes their skin firmer, helps minimize the adverse effects of aging and corrects them. People simply want to look and feel great!” “LA PEAU corresponds exactly to what consumers want nowadays. That’s the reason why our products are flying off the shelves… We were lucky to be offered this opportunity – we’re proud that we were able to make it happen!” , say both sisters.
_DSC0540r 8x12LA PEAU is a 3-product skincare line launched zealously by Irma and Carla-Maria Khanjian, which is getting rave reviews against “mers and prairies”; a surprising study conducted by Edel Therapeutics (EPFL) demonstrated LA PEAU exhibits more powerful antioxidant properties than 18 leading anti-aging products. A proprietary molecular complex, the BeCell, stabilized after 6 years of research by biotech experts from Stanford University, allows better absorption of the precious vitamins, antioxidants, oligo-elements and amino acids by the skin; it stimulates cellular metabolism to nourish and regenerate the skin. Acclaimed by the European & North American media, its unique non-greasy and at the same time very hydrating texture, makes the skin of women and men much firmer and this only after 28 days. Allergy-prone skins love it as well as the real connoisseurs.
Since its launch in Europe, North America, Middle-East & Australia thousands of consumers all over the world have been benefiting from this cosmetic jewel.
The line consists of three products: a day cream, a night cream and an eye contour – contained in transparent jars with a simple royal blue logo, and a very visible reference to Switzerland. Inside is a fragrance-free white gel, nothing glamorous or superfluous, the aim is maximum efficiency. “Promise me you will try LA PEAU for at least eight days,” Irma told me. “Do not get discouraged, your skin will get used to its new non-greasy texture.” So I tried it. And I was convinced. No tugging, just perfectly smooth skin, soft to the touch, beautiful to the eye. Hats off … (Valérie Fournier, Beauty Editor – Edelweiss, Switzerland – )

PEAU [PO] means "Skin" in french

All products are made in Switzerland and contain the innovative BeCell complex

LA PEAU made by BeFutur Suisse