LA PEAU offers science-based performing products. Surgeons, dermatologists and doctors recommend LA PEAU to their patients – post any treatment mainly because the regenerative properties of the brand. Day after day we receive emails from women & men all over the world, thanking us for helping them gain their self-esteem and beauty thanks to our products.

LA PEAU Skincare, the trio set products over blue background. Day cream, night cream and eye contour.

The philosophy of our company with its distinctive lifestyle & wellness oriented skincare brand LA PEAU represents a perfect fit to today’s knowledgeable consumers. Our 3 product brand is a new concept – based on years of biotech research; the proprietary delivery system used in LA PEAU allows better absorption of the antioxidants and vitamins by the skin; it stimulates cellular metabolism to nourish and regenerate the skin. 

LA PEAU represents the next generation of skincare products. 

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