“I love trying new skincare lines because I am very pale and my skin is dry, so anything to plump, moisten and hydrate me is always appreciated. And taking care of all of those little lines and wrinkles would be great too.  One that worked amazingly for me is La Peau: the Luxury Skincare from Switzerland, created by Swiss sisters Irma and Carla Khanjian, along with world renowned scientists from Stanford and Geneva.

Not to get too technical, but it took them four years to research and develop a new molecular complex – the BeCell – which contains “antioxidants, amino acids, oligo elements, and vitamins with proven anti-aging properties.”

Basically, it hydrates and reduces wrinkles. And if you have allergy-prone skin, this is the one for you. You know, one of those miracle creams that you’re always hearing about?

But this one actually works!

I tried the Night Cream-Gel and Eye Contour Gel (there is also a Day Cream-Gel), which were both refreshing, nourishing and had a light, clean feel (read: non-greasy). It feels like a cream and a gel all at once. And I felt like I looked younger in less than a week, though you will really see the difference after 28 days.

So it felt great to apply and the cream-gels made my skin look like I was once again a freshly-scrubbed teenager. And to feel it? It felt soft and supple.

I’ve always wanted radiant, smooth skin and now I have it. I can’t believe it. It truly is a miracle cream.

 p.s. It is also free of any animal substance.”

LAPEAU Trio Stacked


NB: I just wanted to let you know that I posted a piece on your wonderful products at http://gottheknack.blogspot.com

Stephanie Dickison, Journalist

As a journalist, columnist, essayist and cultural critic, Stephanie Dickison has written numerous articles for Toronto Life, The Toronto Star, alive, Muskoka, The Writer, The Dalhousie Review, New England Theatre Review, Film International, Surface & Symbol, Beyond Fitness, TIDINGS, Paste, Washington Asia Press Newspaper, Ascent, Numb and RicePaper, to name just a few and have over a decade of professional experience.  Journalist, essayist and cultural critic Stephanie Dickison has contributed to several nonfiction books and encyclopedias and hundreds of articles for national and international magazines and newspapers. A book on her career as pop culture, book and restaurant critic will be released Fall 2008 from ECW Press. For more information, visit http://www.stephaniedickison.com

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