LA PEAU is a potent antioxidant skincare formulated by a top scientific team from Stanford University.

LA PEAU is recommended for all skin types.

LA PEAU is a science-based Swiss brand. LA PEAU offers an inimitable texture that melts on the skin; all peptides, antioxidants and vitamins penetrate deeply to regenerate skin.

Medical aestheticians, surgeons and dermatologists recommend and use LA PEAU as the results say it all!


The texture of our 3 products is different than any other product on the market; our products do not contain silicone that makes texture unctuous but clogs the pores, nor hormones, nor animal substances, nor fragrances. Anti-aging is achieved by all the antioxidants that penetrate in the skin. The texture of our products is light but hydrating. It is a very absorbing texture that instantly penetrates into skin without leaving any messy greasiness. Skin looks radiant.

It is highly advisable to use the 3 products together as part of your beauty regimen. The difference between the 3 products is the amount of the concentration of our active ingredient (the BeCell). The concentration of antioxidants & vitamins vary between the Night, Day and Eyes.

–          The Night contains 20% of the BeCell (our active ingredient composed of vitamins & antioxidants & amino acids & trace minerals) – this is the maximum amount of vitamins that our skin can absorb well (without being evaporated).

–          The Day contains 10% of the BeCell.

–          The Eye contour contains 15% of the BeCell.

These percentages represent the required daily dosages for a balanced glowing skin.

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