LA PEAU …because it’s luxuriously simple!

I am a busy mom of eight children and I run a spa at Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa in Northern California. My life at times is in need of the simple life! And I have finally found a product that helps me to achieve my goals.

Having had the opportunity to test every skin care line available has certainly broadened my knowledge and perspective. Upon the pleasant discovery of LA PEAU however, I was curious as to how this line was simplified into three products. After looking into it, I discovered that is was so simple! So elegant! And how comforting knowing that it has been granted the label of excellence of Swiss quality from SwissCos- the highest recognition for Swiss Elite Cosmetic Products! Need I say more?

You will find as you use the products that they glide onto your skin. They are not sticky, they absorb quickly. The Scientifically researched product not only has topped many of the top MAJOR skin care lines, but many companies have approached the owners with curious questions as to why this line affords more antioxidant / anti-aging activity levels than any of the other products that were tested. It is because this product was developed by a Swiss Biotech Company after four years of research by prominent scientists and biotech experts from Stanford University and Geneva! It has a new molecular complex-the BeCell.

Is it any wonder that the Cosmetic/Skin care world is buzzing? Even the Hollywood jet set? No doubt in my mind that LA PEAU is leading the pack. This product…if you are consistent with it, will leave your skin HEALTHY. Who doesn’t want healthy skin? Who doesn’t want ease and simplicity in their lives? Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the ONE!



Dara Favero, Owner, Arden Hills Resort

Arden Hills Resort & Spa



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