Dr May, Dermatologist, University of Texas in Austin. He is an active member of The American College of Phlebology and of The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery:

“I have been doing research to see the results with and without La Peau creams and the use of fractional CO2 laser & other treatments – LA PEAU showed a faster recovery and a better formation of collagen elastin after one week of LA PEAU usage, accompanied by still a better elasticity and hydration of the skin after 3 months. The results are as follow: â€œFinding in regenerating potentials of La peau creams when using smart dot fractional CO2 laser in 75 patients age average 48 years old. Female 55, male 20, the finding do show a faster recovery showing better collagen elastin formation at one week and still better elasticity and hydration in the skin after 3 months. I’m very happy to be using it in my practice; I will certainly continue to use it”.

Sincerely, Louis May MD.

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