LA PEAU is considered as an exclusive Swiss brand, derived from years of biotech research, rightly priced, that offers tangible results. It belongs to the closed circle of Swiss manufacturers SWISSCOS.

LA PEAU has gained popularity through word of mouth, celebrity and editorial endorsements, social media and will further foster loyalty by appealing to people’s emotional needs.

Without any doubt, the concept that BeFutur Biotechnologies uses in its formulation is new and very appealing. LA PEAU possesses a truly unique nourishing molecular complex, which is the basis of all cellular regeneration.

LA PEAU is a host of antioxidants, all of which neutralize the environmental toxins and pollutants that bombard the skin daily and encourage collagen accumulation and a proliferation of new cells.

The uniqueness of LA PEAU SKINCARE lies in:

  • Its fast assimilating base that sustains the powerful properties of the BeCell Complex if mixed with other ingredients.
  • Its unique texture – that facilitates and accelerates the penetration of nutrients into the skin (IDEA test: fast penetration and rapid absorption) – use of peptide research in the delivery system.
  • Its substantial antioxidant activity on the skin: test results show superiority of LA PEAU 18 similar leading brands by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Edel Therapeutics.
  • Its efficacy / firming effect: more than 90% of patients felt a clear improvement of the skin. Being without parabens and non-animal (without any HGH in its formula, i.e. without any Human Growth Hormone); hydrating; non greasy; anti-aging; non-comedogenic; hypoallergenic; non-fragrant; made for an exclusive clientele.
  • Its multi-usage application in aesthetics.
  • As an anti-aging and moisturizing daily skincare.
  • As a post treatment soothing and regenerating cream: face lifts, botox, laser, CO2, IPL, LED treatments; LA PEAU is used for collagen stimulation and faster recovery of skin elasticity. Due to the high antioxidant attributes of LA PEAU products, these latter are recommended for problem skins (oily), for sensitive-rosacea prone skins (dry) and for normal skins. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, facial surgeons have adopted LA PEAU as their preferred brand, as well as result-oriented individuals, who are looking for a skincare that delivers results.

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