Just as a summary: LA PEAU is quite different than all the other lines – mainly due to its texture and its performing anti-aging attributes.

At first new consumers are attracted towards LA PEAU by the sober yet elegant packaging. The products reflect very well the Swiss identity: sophisticated yet sober; simple yet efficient, pure yet science-based.


Then once they try the texture – they fall in love with the product. Why? Because LA PEAU has a very pleasant and fast absorbing texture. Here – I just would like to tell you that our products are highly performing products – based on 5 years of Biotech research on the skin. Our proprietary technology lies in the delivery of the required vitamins & antioxidants into the skin; all this is enhanced by the unique texture of our products. Rare are products with this fast absorbing – yet hydrating – texture; the daily requirements of vitamins are delivered gradually throughout the day, without a lack of neither moisture, nor a messy greasiness.

The product goes on with a feeling of pure non-greasy moisture, yet while drying, disappears into your skin leaving nothing but a feeling of hydration!


Adding to that the sublime test results that LA PEAU products have obtained.

LA PEAU line projects an “authentic” Swiss luxury product line based upon perception of treatment qualities vs. purely cosmetic benefits. It has been launched as the most exclusive Swiss antioxidant product on the market, derived from years of biotech research – more effective than any other product on the market.

 “LA PEAU is the best antioxidant product on the market today and the most
efficient anti-wrinkle treatment, » concluded Edel Therapeutics
(EPFL-Lausanne), after comparing this new line to 18 leading anti-aging
products. Its unique blend of antioxidants and vitamins helps reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The visual results are compelling:
after 28 days of daily use, skin looks dramatically firmer and smoother.


Beauty editors as well as consumers identify to the story of LA PEAU: 2 sisters who fell so head over heels for the products that they bought the company. And yes – it is possible to succeed without the millions in advertising if you believe in your products, you share an unequaled passion and you’re not scared of spending sleepless nights!

Magazine editors are the ones who often approach us to try the products; then once they try the products they fall in love with them and they write about us; and here it is important to mention that editorials are much more credible than paid advertising è advantage of a niche product from Switzerland.


3 functions in one – for all types of skins!

The beauty of the line is that it is a simple/ easy-to-use/ efficient/ no non-sense line that heals the imperfections of any skin and makes it firmer in record time – due to its vitamins & antioxidants that get so well absorbed by the skin. When you use LA PEAU – you do not need to use toners or other lotions prior to applying the products. Once you wash your face, you apply LA PEAU products; they act as toners, moisturizers and anti-aging creams. 3 functions in one! Users love this fact.

Indeed, the product line is so simple, and the simplicity in itself makes it easy. Have you ever heard of the saying, less is more? Truly LA PEAU is as a classic skin care line and a complete beauty regimen for all types of skins”.

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