Did you guys realize that water is essential for healthy skin? Without enough hydration our skin becomes dry, flaky, and tight. That means that wrinkles and premature aging skin become a part of the future.  Water aids the body by providing good digestion, circulation, and the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and the excretion of toxins.

Without water our bodies and skin will not function properly, it’s not only important to consume enough water on a daily basis, but to also incorporate an anti-aging moisturizer into our regimens that hydrates the skin from the inside-out. LA PEAU is that moisturizer that does just that.

LA PEAU is a quick absorbing moisturizer that delivers the daily requirements of vitamins and water our skin needs to stay young, healthy, and youthful so that aging gracefully becomes a reality and not a myth. Skin is immediately hydrated, firm and LA PEAU can be worn alone or under your makeup. The texture is non-greasy and skin is matte, smooth and radiant.

LA PEAU does have a celebrity following and used to be Hollywood’s best kept secret, but now you know about it too.

Key Benefits:

  1. Nourishes the skin with their exclusive BeCell Complex
  2. Regenerates the skin and Stimulates Cellular Metabolism
  3. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

So if you’re planning a 5 to 10 hour flight this holiday season, LA PEAU will keep your skin hydrated and it’s the perfect base for your makeup so that you and your skin look radiant.

Isn’t it time you infused your skin with vitamins and hydration?

By Anita Rivas: Anita Rivas, beauty junkie, is the author and creator of, a beauty blog that provides beauty advice and makeup and skincare reviews for women who want to look and feel like themselves at their best. As a beauty blogger, Anita interfaces with some of the most renowned skincare professionals, makeup artists and product specialists and is therefore able to provide readers with current beauty and product information. Anita has several years of experience in the makeup and skincare industry.

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