The philosophy of our company with its distinctive lifestyle & wellness oriented skincare brand LA PEAU represents a perfect fit to today’s knowledgeable consumers. Our 3 product brand is a new concept – based on years of biotech research; the proprietary delivery system used in LA PEAU allows better absorption of the antioxidants and vitamins by the skin. LA PEAU represents the next generation of skincare products. 

LA PEAU products have a neutral pH.

Our emulsion allows for an initial neutral pH of 6.5 to 7 upon application to the skin, which then evaporates & self-adjusts to the skin’s natural slightly acidic pH of 4.5 to 5. Our dosage of antioxidants and vitamins is exactly what skins need as part of a daily beauty regimen. Rare are products with this fast absorbing – yet hydrating – texture; the daily requirements of vitamins are delivered gradually throughout the day, without a lack of neither moisture, nor a messy greasiness.

La Peau is an easy to use skin care line: 3 functions in one – for all skin types.

No need to use toners. No need to use serums. Our active ingredient serves as a powerful serum, integrated in the formula itself. However for cleansers – we suggest a very mild product that will not change the pH balance of the skin. LA PEAU Eyes contour can also be used on the lips with fantastic results.

A 3-Product Skincare from Switzerland

LA PEAU Skincare, the trio set products over blue background. Day cream, night cream and eye contour.

LA PEAU Night Cream-Gel: The Age Defying Complex

LA PEAU stimulating Night cream contains active ingredients that penetrate in the skin and repair damaged cells.  Rich in microelements, it rejuvenates the skin to dramatically improve firmness, smoothness and elasticity. This advanced cream delays the skin’s aging process. Wrinkles appear less pronounced.

LA PEAU Day Cream-Gel: The Hydrating Complex

LA PEAU moisturizing Day cream regulates the skin’s moisture level and provides long-lasting hydration.  Easily absorbed by the skin, this hydrating antioxidant cream allows the skin to maintain an optimal moisture level, while restoring firmness, smoothness and elasticity. Face looks radiant.

LA PEAU Eye Contour: The Soothing & Replenishing Cream-Gel

LA PEAU replenishing Eye gel conditions & smoothes delicate eye areas and helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Its easily absorbed formula stimulates cellular metabolism which decreases with age – to nourish and regenerate the skin. Eyes contour regain a fresh appearance.



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