LA PEAU SKINCARE helps rebuilding the collagen that is lost with aging.

Skin cells called fibroblasts are capable of producing collagen. When needed, fibroblasts replace broken collagen fibers with new ones. Unfortunately, as we age the skin’s ability to replace damaged collagen diminishes and more gaps and irregularities develop in the collagen mesh. This process eventually leads to wrinkles.
Collagen has been used in skin creams for decades, usually making them more expensive. However, to reduce rather than just cover wrinkles, new collagen must become a part of the skin’s inner layer, the dermis. Unfortunately, collagen molecules are too large to penetrate into the dermis when applied to the surface of the skin.
Therefore, collagen in creams is not useful.

The only way to have a healthy skin and rebuild skin’s collagen is to use ingredients that can stimulate your skin to produce more collagen.
The 3 main ingredients capable of stimulating your skin’s collagen are Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), key amino acids and mineral peptides.
LA PEAU SKINCARE contains these ingredients at their maximum – the technology used behind LA PEAU lies in the delivery of these ingredients into the skin, without the messy greasiness.
Stimulation of collagen synthesis in aging skin is realistic and can substantially improve the appearance of fine lines and even deeper wrinkles when done correctly. Similarly, lots of things are needed to efficiently produce collagen:

Vitamin C:
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is essential for efficient synthesis of collagen. Many of the symptoms of scurvy (vitamin C deficiency disease) such as bleeding gums, skin hemorrhages and poor wound healing is due to impaired collagen synthesis. LA PEAU line is one of the few brands that does not allow the Vitamin C to evaporate. On the contrary, with LA PEAU, the right amount of Vitamin C is delivered to the skin and the needed collagen is hence rebuilt.
L-Ascorbic Acid is the only form of Vitamin C scientifically proven to produce significant results. It stimulates collagen synthesis and plays an active role in the prevention of premature aging of the skin.
The Vitamin C contained in LA PEAU protects, hydrates and conditions skin without irritation. Vitamin C is a major anti-oxidant in the body. It is well established that Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin. The mitochondrion, which is the “energizing body” in the dermis, controls the production of collagen and elastin. Vitamin C helps to send the “triggering” effect for the mitochondria to give the command to produce more collagen. This delivery system is “bio-engineered” like the human cell: first it allows the Vitamin C to be absorbed without being decomposed or destroyed by other biological factors; and second it eliminates any irritation caused by the free radicals.
The result is a firming and a glowing skin.

Key amino acids:
Like any other protein, collagen consists of amino acids (a type of small organic molecules). Altogether there are 20 different kinds of amino acids in human cells. However, collagen is unusually rich in a few particular amino acids. Supplying these key amino acids in abundance helps stimulate collagen synthesis. LA PEAU technology lies heavily on amino acids and peptide research.

Mineral peptides:
Certain minerals (in very small dosages) are also essential for collagen production.

All these ingredients help the skin produce more collagen. That’s the reason why LA PEAU brand is a science-based brand that actually works!
It took us 6 long years of research on the skin cells to finally come up with LA PEAU – a brand that delivers all these vitamins into the skin and helps rebuild the skin collagen.

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