LA PEAU - the antioxidant skincare

LA PEAU Skincare is all about!

Science-based, Swiss, performing, easy to use, result-oriented skincare~ What LA PEAU is all about!

LA PEAU – because it offers a unique fast-absorbing texture that melts on the skin; as opposed to other brands with a heavy texture that does not penetrate easily in the skin, and you are obliged to rub it & rub it in order to have them absorbed … and each extra rub is one additional wrinkle!
LA PEAU – because it soothes the face, regenerates the skin and stimulates collagen formation – for everyday use and for all skin types.
LA PEAU – because it heals problem skins! Developed by Geneva and Stanford University biochemists, some professionals call LA PEAU “The next OBAGI”!
LA PEAU – because it delays the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles!
LA PEAU – because it hydrates your face pretty amazingly, despite its non-greasy texture!
LA PEAU – because it does not contain any growth hormones, like many other anti-aging brands!
LA PEAU – because it is free of any animal substances! No parabens! No messy greasiness! Just pure skin regeneration…

PEAU [PO] means "Skin" in french

All products are made in Switzerland and contain the innovative BeCell complex

LA PEAU made by BeFutur Suisse