Without the right antioxidant skincare, the summer UV-rays that hit your skin equal free-radicals and damage. Having the right antioxidants supercharged and waiting for that first free-radical will save your skin! It’s science, and your skincare routine can load your skin’s antioxidant reserve to help your skin stand up to stress, look good now and age well over time, too. You want antioxidants loaded into your skin care routine this summer for protection.
LA PEAU is a SWISS science-based skincare. LA PEAU is all about vitamins & antioxidants.
The 3 products (Night, Day and Eyes) are packed with vitamins & antioxidants.
 When compared to 17 leading anti-aging brands, LA PEAU showed the highest antioxidant properties. The norm is 42 Edel; LA PEAU scored 1400 Edel.
1 Edel is 1 Micromolar concentration of Vitamins A, C, E, etc. equivalent.
“The anti-aging properties generated by LA PEAU products are not even comparable. They are by far much better than any of the other best-selling anti-aging creams”, said the study.

LA PEAU brand corresponds exactly to today’s knowledgeable consumers, who want to adopt a skincare routine that is simple, easy to use and most importantly delivers what it says.
…And LA PEAU inevitably has it all.

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