LA PEAU products are highly performing products – based on years of Biotech research on the skin by Stanford University + Geneva scientists. The proprietary technology lies in the delivery of the required vitamins & antioxidants into the skin. Rare are products with this fast absorbing – yet hydrating – texture; the daily requirements of vitamins are delivered gradually throughout the day, without a lack of neither moisture, nor a messy greasiness.
No silicone in our formula (silicone renders the texture unctuous but clogs pores); no human growth hormones; no parabens; non-animal; non-fragrant; no messy-greasiness. Just vitamins that penetrate well to regenerate the skin.
Texture may appear light at start yet it is very RICH in vitamins and very hydrating. There are no fatty molecules in our formula that give the “unneeded extra moist” that most creams offer with an adverse effect of clogging the pores. Anything moister will hinder the antioxidant properties by 90%!
Therefore we opted to remain the number one in antioxidant properties – by delivering formula with a unique fast-absorbing texture that offers tangible results. Please note that a small quantity is enough and offers a wide coverage. The product goes on with a feeling of pure non-greasy moisture, yet while drying, disappears into your skin leaving nothing but a feeling of hydration and firmness.

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