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“La Peau Night Cream-Gel uses a proprietary BeCell complex to work in a two-phase sequence while you sleep. First, it gently purifies the skin to allow better absorption, then the active fragments target cells, diagnose possible damage and begin repair. I’m not only impressed with the science, but the results speak for themselves,” says our reviewer. “After using the entire jar, I truly felt my skin looked healthier and firmer, more radiant and that my pore size was diminished.”

“I recently had the opportunity to review a night cream from a company I was unfamiliar with, La Peau Switzerland. Always curious about new lines, I did a bit of research and what I found was that this is a really interesting company with quite a lot of scientific research behind it. The skin care branch of the company, BeFutur Biotechnologies Suisse, was created by two sisters who were looking to create a simplified yet effective product line based on antioxidants and plant stem cell research.
After six years of development and testing with university scientists, they decided on three products: a night cream-gel, a day cream-gel and an eye cream. All three products are based on a proprietary BeCell complex, which is a concoction of the main three antioxidants — vitamins A, C and E. It also contains a mix of amino acids, minerals and oligo elements.
Upon receiving La Peau Night Cream-Gel ($90), I was eager to begin testing. The label itself reads as a veritable multivitamin bottle. The concept behind it is a synergistic, two-phase detox and repair treatment that results in a reduction of oxidative stress and protection of DNA cellular factors. It also contains wheat germ extract, arginine, magnesium and zinc.
At 40 years old, I find I have mostly normal skin. I’m not prone to breakouts, but I see a few fine lines and early signs of aging. The only other product I used at night during the trial was 0.5 percent retinol twice a week.
The jar holds a weightless, translucent gel, which is much lighter than what I’m used to using. The gel goes on smoothly and evenly and honestly doesn’t take much. It quickly sinks in with no oily residue left behind. I must concur with reviews on the La Peau website that the product feels very fresh and cool upon application.
I honestly thought I would need more moisture at first, but I decided to wait. It’s the next morning that the difference is visible. My skin felt plumped, my skin tone appeared less blotchy and the fine lines on my forehead were softened. Plus, my skin didn’t feel dry at all. After using the entire jar, I truly felt my skin looked healthier and firmer, more radiant and that my pore size was diminished. I was even able to go an extra month and a half over my usual Botox regimen.
I highly recommend La Peau Night Cream-Gel! I’m not only impressed with the science, but the results speak for themselves. In addition, the company uses no fragrance, no animal products or testing, no parabens, no silicone and is suitable for sensitive skin. I will definitely be ordering the entire line.”
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Is La Peau Night Cream-Gel Right for Me? The answer is YES!
 – Advanced antioxidant formula
 – Lightweight and fast-absorbing
 – Hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types
 – Free of parabens, silicone, synthetic fragrance; cruelty-free


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