From a Swiss Biotech company emerges three antioxidant jewels named LA PEAU [PO]  – a day cream, a night cream and an eye contour – contained in pure transparent jars with a simple royal blue logo, and a very visible reference to Switzerland. Inside is a fragrance-free white cream/gel, nothing glamorous or superfluous, the aim is maximum efficiency. Science-based products, Swiss expertise, unique fast-absorbing texture & antioxidant formulations are among most recent successful launches. And evidently LA PEAU brand… “Has it all”…

Developed by Geneva and Stanford University biochemists, some professionals call LA PEAU “The next OBAGI”!

We specialize at anti-aging and we are the best at it. Due to the high antioxidant attributes of the products, plastic surgeons, facial surgeons, dermatologists have adopted as their preferred treatment skincare line, as well as result-oriented individuals, who are looking for a skincare product that simply works.

Our main goal is to bring ‘safe beauty based on years of biotech research” to beautify the forever young-looking health conscious consumers.

The uniqueness of our brand lies in the delivery of the massive antioxidants and vitamins to the skin.

  • LA PEAU is an exclusive Swiss product, derived from years of biotech research – more effective than any other product on the market, rightly-priced, that can only be found at trendy & exclusive points of sales. It reflects the message of a cult product giving “hope in a bottle”. The cosmetics industry is in a state of flux. Traditional brands  are viewed as passé.
  • LA PEAU is adopted by world famous plastic surgeons and dermatologists – why? Because LA PEAU offers healing virtues. Rosacea-prone, acneic and normal skins benefit from LA PEAU. Other skincare products are not used by physicians, nor plastic surgeons, nor dermatologists. They are just cosmetic lines, like any other, as they do not offer the healing virtues that LA PEAU offers.
  • LA PEAU offers a complete beauty regimen in just a trio set – no need to diverge consumers’ attention towards hundreds of bottles for marketing purposes. LA PEAU aims efficacy and client satisfaction is its motto.
  • But most importantly what makes LA PEAU different than its competitors is its truly unique texture – that is the envy of many other companies. A unique fast-absorbing texture that melts on the skin. The skin is hydrated without the messy greasiness. All vitamins and antioxidants penetrate well to regenerate the skin. The face looks radiant.

What makes LA PEAU different from other lines and even more attractive vis a vis consumers is the fact that LA PEAU sells mainly by its own merits: through the credibility of doctors and word of mouth – as opposed to many other brands that spend millions in advertising and sell insignificant products. LA PEAU does not need huge marketing expenses and campaigns in order to sell its excellent line. It is a niche product that sells by itself – with the back-up of professionals, consumers, word of mouth, a sound viral marketing strategy mixed with subtle media coverage. It is exactly what consumers like nowadays. Pleasant on the skin, efficient with tangible results – finally an anti-aging  skincare that works!

Today, it’s really about understated luxury and LA PEAU has it all: subtle, pure like the Swiss Alps, efficient, science-based, sober looking, nothing shiny … just right to the point! It is just about regenerating and beautifying your skin with real science.

PEAUsitively yours,

Carla & Irma


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