– the Emerging Swiss INDIE Brand …

 LA PEAU Skincare is part of the new trend in cosmetics called the indie, niche brand – and as you may heard nowadays Indie Brands Lead Beauty Industry Growth.

LA PEAU brand is highly refined. Focused on specifics, the brand is directional and targeted, with the entire 3-product line built out of antioxidant properties. Packaging-wise, the new guard of niche brands such as LA PEAU is detail-oriented and simple, pure with monochromatic colors with clean, technologically-driven formulas. Exactly what LA PEAU is all about. According to experts, the beauty industry is having a moment, and it has indie brands to thank. The big companies realize that indie brands such as LA PEAU are resonating exponentially, and it helps them move with the momentum in the marketplace. “They are truly the drivers, and not just around dollar growth. They are reinvigorating categories that were dormant. When we add all the new dollars coming into the market, they’re coming from relatively new players,” says Grant of the NPD Group. “We are showing right now that the indie brands may be growing by two to three times the rate of the market, and sometimes higher. Today it’s a very new ball game.”

LA PEAU is a 3-SKU skincare line from Switzerland. Simple and easy to use. Developed by Stanford University scientist, together with Geneva-based biochemists, the range’s main active ingredient, the BeCell, offers massive antioxidant properties and delivers compelling results: after a month of daily use, your skin looks dramatically firmer and smoother. It has an amazing texture that literally melts on the skin.

LA PEAU consists of three products: a day cream, a night cream and an eye contour – contained in pure transparent jars with a simple royal blue logo, and a very visible reference to Switzerland. Inside is a fragrance-free white cream/gel, non-animal, no human growth hormones, no parabens, no messy greasiness, nothing glamorous or superfluous, the aim is maximum efficiency. Science-based products, Swiss expertise, unique fast-absorbing texture & antioxidant formulations are among the new trends in the cosmetic world …and evidently LA PEAU brand… “Has it all”… 

LA PEAU blue, zen, efficient ….Pure…like the Swiss Alps! Massive antioxidant properties associated with healing virtues. LA PEAU has it all!

  Anti-Aging . Hydrating . Firming . Antioxidant .Hypoallergenic . Non fragrant . No parabens .

Non animal .Developed for an exclusive clientele . is member of the Swiss Elite manufacturing Group http://www.Swisscos.Swiss

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