THINK LIGHTER with LA PEAU – the Swiss antioxidant formula !

“Think Lighter! Move away from heavy moisturizers and switch to lighter cream gels such as LA PEAU Skincare ! All vitamins penetrate well to regenerate skin! Wrinkles appear less. Face looks radiant. You’ll receive compliments Day after Day!, this is the greatest advice offered by dermatologists.

lapeau_open_jar_web“Wash your skin with water then apply LA PEAU Skincare – the new miracle cream from Switzerland!”

Your skin typically remains pretty clean while you’re sleeping, so it’s fine to save time and simply rinse with water in the morning and use your cleanser (such as mild Cetaphil once a day). Cleansers can compromise the skin barrier function and deplete essential nutrients and hydration. Plus, over-washing skin can ramp up skin’s oil production, leading to acne.” Just apply Result? A GLOWING FACE!

Thank you LA PEAU fans for your enthusiasm always!

My Skin – PEAUsitively Radiant!

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