LA PEAU vs other brands

Just as a summary: LA PEAU is quite different than all the other lines – mainly due to its texture and its performing anti-aging attributes. At first new consumers are attracted towards LA PEAU by the sober yet elegant packaging. The products reflect very well the...

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LA PEAU & Laser

LA PEAU as an anti-aging and hydrating skincare:  LA PEAU Day, Night and Eyes – shall be applied over a clean face –in the morning, night and eyes contour every day – in small quantities. No need to apply big quantities. LA PEAU products spread out very...

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LA PEAU SKINCARE : for all skin types

“The vitamins and various antioxidants found in LA PEAU have proven to be highly effective in the reduction of Rosacea and other redness associated with sensitive skins”, he said. “This is a real breakthrough in cosmetics”. Indeed, the product line is so simple, and...

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LE SOIN VISAGE ANTI-OXYDANT La gamme de soins visage LA PEAU, lancée en Suisse est l'objet de toutes les rumeurs. Mais pourquoi cet engouement autour de LA PEAU ? Une texture unique qui fond sur la peau pour une absorption immédiate et des résultats visuels concluants...

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LA PEAU: The Honest Skincare Brand from Switzerland

"Hi, I just wanted to say since using LA PEAU SKINCARE Night, Day and Eye creams, I look at all the other products that I don't use anymore as there is no need: an entire counter of serums, oils & creams.  After 3 months, I finally thought I would exfoliate,...

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LA PEAU is a science-based skincare. LA PEAU is all about vitamins, antioxidants and peptides. Day after day we receive emails from women & men all over the world, thanking us for helping them gain their self-esteem and beauty thanks to our...

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Try LA PEAU Skincare and see the difference!

Once you try LA PEAU, you'll adopt it for life!  "I wanted to update you on the status of LA PEAU SKINCARE. I LOVE it!!  Really, it has shown so many improvements in the plumping and tightening of my skin in just two weeks!!  I am the biggest critic of...

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LA PEAU – simply the best!

LA PEAU is a potent antioxidant brand formulated by a top scientific team from Stanford University. LA PEAU is a science-based skincare made in Switzerland. LA PEAU is member of SWISSCOS (Association for the Protection of the Origin of Swiss cosmetics). LA PEAU is...

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LA PEAU est une petite merveille ! Des témoignages jour après jour. « Je me permets de vous écrire, concernant une merveilleuse crème que j’ai eu l’occasion de tester, qui s’appelle" La PEAU ", elle nous vient d'un laboratoire suisse, qui a innové et mis au point le...

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